Kirill Vesselov

Kirill Vesselov is a prominent figure in the field of addiction therapy and healthcare administration in general and the CEO of Haven Health.

A Little About Me

Kirill Vesselov is a well-known figure in the fields of addiction rehabilitation and healthcare management. The CEO of Haven Health, a company that delivers health services to a range of markets, has spent much of his professional life pursuing entrepreneurial initiatives and volunteering in the community. He has held positions in corporate management, team building, and business advancement in the healthcare industry throughout his career.

He was named one of the ""Best Treatment Clinics of America"" by Newsweek for his efforts in the creation of addiction treatment centers around the country, a title that recognizes his accomplishment. In addition, the Catholic Church bestowed upon him the title of "Prodigal Son." These individuals have been honored for their efforts to assist the less fortunate.

Kirill Vesselov has experience working with a variety of treatment facilities. If you're looking for a treatment center in Florida, he helped design Haven Detox's alcoholism and other substance misuse treatment programs. This facility, which specializes in luxury care, is known for its relaxing settings and kind and understanding treatment facilities.

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